Things to Know About Custom Garage Doors and Zeigler Carriage Doors

The Zeigler carriage doors are named after the popular house doors, they are unique custom garage doors designed to display their authentic and detailed craft which began in the early 1969. The garage custom doors can be made from any wood species that can be hand forged to offer antique designs and color staining. They are heavy and are operated by openers, fixed with tracks, springs. For repairs it is advised to call for the services of an expert as they are heavy and they can cause serious injuries in wrong circumstances.

The carriage garage doors can be designed to complement your taste and the love for a rusty style or a more traditional style to match the enchant designs of your home. The common designs that can be made for the custom garage doors include the Spanish colonial, the traditional series and the European series for the eco garage doors. The common wood garage collection includes the Mediterranean, Santa Barbara, Modern, Spanish, French country, Traditional, Tuscan, Riviera and the Craftsman &Art. This can be used to achieve the distinctive look. The finished garage doors are reliable and can easily stand a test of time. They are warranted against cracks and splits.

For the carriage garage doors can as well be made from steel which is durable, reliable and requires low maintenance. They are available for selection from a variety of styles, colors and can easily be customized to the desired decoration. The price of the custom garage doors will adequately depend on the designs, the raw materials and the style in which the door opens as well as the finishing touch of the door, this would be a range of above $2,800. The designs of the garage doors bring more of style to the barn door hardware. They can be swing-out doors, sliding garage doors, bi-folding garage doors, and sliding barn door. With superior construction it brings out the beauty of the garage.

woodgaragedoors4The Zeigler carriage doors have ideal fair prices that come along with the beautiful finishing that makes your house stand out in your neighborhood. This is the ideal door for your garage, the manufactures offer specialists to handle repairs as this would adversely increase the long life of the custom garage door and maintain their standards to the market. These designs have set a trend in the market for architects and designers for the latest ways to build decorative custom garage doors. The pricing for the latest of Zeigler designs could range from above $3,000.


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